LM Guide Actuator(full-ball type)

Height: 15mm
Stroke: 31.4 to 156.4mm
Lead: 1mm?2mm

Height: 20mm
Stroke: 41.4 to 141.5mm
Lead: 1mm?6mm

Height: 26mm
Stroke: 55 to 219mm
Lead: 2mm?6mm

Height: 30mm
Stroke: 35.4 to 534.3mm
Lead: 6mm?10mm


Height: 33mm
Stroke: 36.5 to 537mm
Read: 6mm?10mm

Height: 45mm
Stroke: 105 to 850.5mm
Read: 10mm?20mm

Height: 46mm
Stroke: 98 to 845.5mm
Read: 10mm?20mm

Height: 55mm
Stroke: 698 to 1226mm
Read: 20mm


Height: 65mm
Stroke: 665 to 1510mm
Read: 25mm